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Discover Tamada

Want to be a great host? be a Tamada

We all hold the wonderful ability to be great storytellers drawing a picture with the knowledge we share described by the emotions we express. At any gathering, celebrations, hardships, family, or friends, we are together and bring our reflections of the past, interpretations of today, and wishes for the future. Wine is the best Substance with whom you can communicate as it is like a friend who shares your ups and downs. To enjoy our wine as our family, focus on drinking wine by making great conversations, around friends and family. Rather than on selecting wines to pair with certain foods. Enjoy the wine with any food you prefer and think about great and positive conversations.

Inner happiness is influenced by the small acts of kindness that we engage in. The Tamada is a perfect guide who leads people in giving and receiving kindness around the table or feast (Supra). The Tamada is like the Toastmaster who provides and encourages toasts along with happy conversations over the glass of wine. For a perfect evening, we recommend to have the Tamada at your feast. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to pick toasts and start a conversation. We will guide you in selecting and delivering the perfect toast. Trust our wine it has an 8000-year-old tradition.


Tamada Statue

Bronze statue from the 7th century BC discovered during archaeological excavations in the city of Vani. This statue is the statue of a Tamada, a toastmaster. 

Basics for Tamada


Try not to limit words like just saying cheers or one simple word. let's embark on a journey of communication. Start talking and mention all the positive feelings that comes to your mind. Begin from the inception of your relationships– recall the old times, reminisce about how you crossed paths, and share a laugh over a funny or memorable moment. However, let's weave this narrative with a positive thread. Emphasize the overarching feeling that defines your relationship be it unity, camaraderie, justice, love, or any other sentiment that resonates with the essence of your togetherness. So, here's to more than just clinking glasses; here's to the stories that bind us, the laughter that unites us, and the emotions that make our connections meaningful.

Here is recommended 5 toasts to share with

You are probably wondering what the first toast should be to capture attention. First and foremost, identify shared interests with the people you are dining with. In general, we recommend toasting to peace and extending well-wishes for it to prevail in everyone's personal lives, families, and workplaces. Wherever peace resides, happiness is closer. Cheers!

Take a moment to observe the community and people around you and pinpoint the most significant emotion that binds everyone together. Whether reason of the gathering is being together with family, friends, classmates, colleagues, or even someone you just met. There's a reason why you've come together for this feast– perhaps to celebrate, connect, or simply get acquainted. Once you've identified the essence of your gathering, raise your glasses and toast to that very reason. Cheers to the spirit that brings us together!

pick a special person for you and say toast specially for them. Share something distinctive about that person, a characteristic that honors their work or actions, bringing joy to their hearts. Raise a personal toast to anyone in need of support or a shoulder to lean on.

You can also propose toasts for other members from the table with common characteristics, such as the best household members, the finest coworkers, or those exemplifying sacrificial friendships. It is also good to emphasize people together to aim for a sense of unity. Don't hesitate to wish them well and use positive words—this is essential.

The important date, when the gathering occurs. Maybe you don't remember, or perhaps it isn't an important date, and that's okay. Each day may connect to something, and reminisce about how many years of connection you have with that person. Highlight that person's significance for you, emphasizing their positive attributes and kindness. Recall important dates in their lives, and let everyone's attention be on these milestones along their life's journey. Wish them many more years of kindness and a fulfilling life. Always try to Speak more, and never less.

Wine Bottles

Once your mood brightens, the desire to talk more arises, allow yourself the pleasure of talking more and uplifting those around you with beautiful words and positive energy. However, remember to indulge a toast with our wine because a deep positive conversation produces the best chemical elements in mind, which creates memorable and happy moments for everyone.

Don’t forget Georgian wine must not be drunk by being quiet. You will discover how special it is only after having conversations with it.

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