Discover Tamada

Want to be a great host? be a Tamada

Weall hold the wonderful ability to be great storytellers drawing a picture with the knowledge we share described by the emotions we express. At any gathering, celebrations, hardships, family, or friends, we are together and bring our reflections of the past, interpretations of today, and wishes for the future. Wine is the best Substance with whom you can communicate as it is like a friend who shares your ups and downs. To enjoy our wine as our family, focus on drinking wine by making great conversations, around friends and family. Rather than on selecting wines to pair with certain foods. Enjoy the wine with any food you prefer and think about great and positive conversations.

Inner happiness is influenced by the small acts of kindness that we engage in. The Tamada is a perfect guide who leads people in giving and receiving kindness around the table or feast (Supra). The Tamada is like the Toastmaster who provides and encourages toasts along with happy conversations over the glass of wine. For a perfect evening, we recommend to have the Tamada at your feast. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to pick toasts and start a conversation. We will guide you in selecting and delivering the perfect toast. Trust our wine it has an 8000-year-old tradition.

Tamada Statue

Bronze statue from the 7th century BC discovered during archaeological excavations in the city of Vani. This statue is the statue of a Tamada, a toastmaster. 

Basics for Tamada

Here is recommended 5 toasts to share with :

Once your mood brightens, the desire to talk more arises, allow yourself the pleasure of talking more and uplifting those around you with beautiful words and positive energy. However, remember to indulge a toast with our wine because a deep positive conversation produces the best chemical elements in mind, which creates memorable and happy moments for everyone.

Don’t forget Georgian wine must not be drunk by being quiet. You will discover how special it is only after having conversations with it.