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About Us


Curating Exceptional Wines with Passion

The Lanchava Collection is dedicated to curating exceptional wines with a passion for the oldest known wine producing region in the world. With a history dating back more than 8,000 years, our collection unites the most exclusive wines from the country Georgia. We believe in putting our heart and soul into every mix to bring you a unique and unforgettable wine experience.

Aperitivo with Friends

Discover Our Lanchava Collection

Explore our exclusive Aperitivo Box, carefully crafted to bring you a delightful combination of wines and gourmet treats. Indulge in a sensory journey that celebrates the rich flavors and traditions of the Georgian wine culture.


Bespoke Wine Services

Experience the luxury of personalized wine services tailored to your discerning taste. Our team is dedicated to curating a bespoke wine collection that resonates with your individual preferences.

Get in Touch for a Personalized Experience

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