Passing 8,000 year old tradition

From Our Family to Yours

Our Story

The Lanchava Collection aspires to be your guide to the oldest known wine producing region in the world with a unique wine-making tradition and style. With a history dating back more than 8,000 years, wines have been continuously cultivated in the region. Our collection unites the most exclusive wines from the country Georgia.

Wine named after our family

Like individuals, wines have unique personalities & tell their own stories. Our wines are named after the children of our family. Just like us, our wines have appealing characteristics.

AIIA Red and White

The Georgian sentence, "აი ია" (AI IA) translated to "this is violet", is the first lesson when learning the Georgian language, & is our introduction to wines of the country. The letters “” (pronounced a) & “” (pronounced i) creates two words making one sentence, AI (this is) & IA (violet).

About Georgia

Georgia, located in the middle of Europe and Asia, offers a distinct cultural experience, unique from the neighboring countries. 8,000 years old wine-making tradition continues to be the cultural attribute and treasure of Georgia. Knowing and appreciating the oldest civilizations cherish our identities and remind us of where we are coming from. Here are some facts about old Georgian culture carried by a small nation with a big heart. Georgian language is one of the ten oldest languages, it has three alphabets which are included by UNESCO in the world cultural heritage. The third person in Georgian does not have a gender, Georgians are using “that” instead of he or she, implying gender equality ingrained in the Georgian language. Sakartvelo is what Georgians call the country which means the land of Kartvelians.